“Upping the Ante” with Milwaukee sponsored MONSTER Ute

V8 Ute Racing Series 2012 – Round 3 _ PERTH

“Hey Nathan, this ain’t Golf , man!!!

But I’m happy ‘cos even the best do it.

PRACTICE SESSION 1: Lap 2: Nathan is going flat strap on a wet track, and doing well. The utes handling the conditions until turn 7 and the sand trap beckons. Sitting there for the whole of that practice session provides much hilarity for the Monster Pit Crew.

PRACTICE SESSION 2: Lap 7: Nathan is cruising, the utes cruising, 3rd outright and he goes for the big twist. You guessed it – turn 7. The sand trap beckons and in he goes. Miffed is Nathan but his crew are rolling about, threatening to Cable Tie a small spade to the Ute for the race, and turn 7.

RACE 1:  Jumping out of the blocks like Usain Bolt on steroids, Nathan shot to 2nd and sat there for the whole race.

RACE 2:  Reverse grid race time (So you come 2nd. If there were 20 utes you start at 19th place on the grid) Nathan got hit from pillar to post but still managed a healthy time and came in 11th.

 RACE 3: Gambling with tyres as it looked like rain was closing in; Nathan struggled with grip and still managed to mount the podium to take 3rd place.

NO CIGAR! : 3rd for the round, but being on the podium extended his Championship lead by 12 points.

Well done NATHAN!

The Milwaukee Brand front and centre