Milwaukee Fuel Lounge

The grand opening of L&H Epping saw the launch of the Milwaukee Fuel Lounge. The concept was devised by Branch Manager Daniel Callard and Milwaukee Rep, Adrian Kennedy. Kennedy explained they wanted to create a laid-back environment where customers could relax and staff could conduct business.

“The main point of it is to provide a place where people sit and discuss new products. It’s a unique environment that you just don’t get with other suppliers,” he continued.

“It’s a place where customers, staff and sales guys can feel relaxed, but also learn a lot of new stuff – whether it’s about the great range of products in the branch, new innovations, trade show information, videos playing on the screen and hands-on demo areas, where customers can test out the tools.”

The Fuel Lounge is part of the Platinum Partner Program, which was an incentive formed between L&H and Milwaukee. The program ranks L&H branches by Silver, Gold and Platinum ratings, depending on their investment in power tools and accessories. L&H Epping is one of our Platinum Branches.

“In return for their commitment to Milwaukee, we support the branch with exclusive products, special offers and initiatives like The Fuel Lounge,” said Kennedy.

The lounge itself features all the comforts you would expect, with red leather couches, an LCD TV, a mini fridge stocked with cold drinks and the feature Trade-In Wall.

“The idea of the Trade-In Wall is for customers to bring in and trade their old power tools for the new Milwaukee products. This wall will display a range of old and not so environmentally-friendly tools,” explained Kennedy.

L&H Epping is now open, Unit 2, 222 Cooper Street. Check out the Milwaukee Fuel Lounge if you are in the area.